Tree Board


The Tree Board is comprised of up to nine members who are residents or conduct business in Cody and are appointed by the Governing Body. The Tree Board meets as needed. It shall be the responsibility of the city tree board to study, investigate, counsel, and develop written standards, rules and regulations for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal or disposition of trees and shrubs in public ways, streets and alleys. Such standards will be presented to the Governing Body and upon their acceptance and approval shall constitute the official City Tree Rules and Regulations.

When requested by the Governing Body, the Tree Board shall consider, investigate, report, and recommend any special matter or question within the scope of its responsibilities. In addition, they coordinate national and local events and projects, including the Arbor Day Event. For more information, please contact Eric Asay at (307) 586-4112.

Current Members and Terms

Members serve two-year terms.

Name Term Began Term Ends
Eric Asay (Parks liaison) January 2022 December 2024
Bernie Butler January 2022 December 2024
Louis Caserta January 2022 December 2024
Marty Coe January 2022 December 2024
Dawn Davis January 2022 December 2024
Leda Pojman January 2022 December 2024

For more information regarding trees, shrubs, or other plants in City right of ways, public tree care, the Tree Board, and more, please refer to the Tree Ordinance.