Identity Theft Policy


To combat the growing problem of identity theft, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued new rules that apply to all municipal utility operations. Under these rules, the City of Cody is required to develop and implement identity theft prevention polices and procedures to protect sensitive customer information.

The policy is intended to identify red flags that will:

    • Alert City employees when accounts are opened using false information
    • Protect against the establishment of false accounts
    • Develop methods to ensure existing accounts were not opened under false information
    • Protect sensitive information contained in existing accounts
    • Develop measures to respond to fraudulent activity
City staff are required to:

    • Confirm the identity of all customers establishing new utility accounts
    • Confirm the identity of all customers requesting information or changing information on an existing account
    • Confirm the identity of all customers closing an existing account
The following methods are used to verify the identity of a customer:

    • Driver license
    • Government-issued photo ID card
    • Personal information used to establish the account (i.e., tax ID number(s), driver license number(s), Social Security number(s), etc.)
      • Full Social Security numbers will be required; however, only the last four digits will show on any computer screens, and customers will only be asked to verify their Social Security number by the last four digits.


The City believes the protection of customer records is of the utmost importance, and keeping sensitive personal information confidential and secure is a significant part of our responsibility to our customers. Therefore, beginning May 1, 2009, the City will only provide account information to the person or persons listed on the account.

If you have questions regarding the identity theft policies and procedures of the City of Cody, please contact Administrative Services at (307) 527-7511. The City of Cody's Identity Theft Policies and Procedures can be downloaded here.