Zoning authority, which is granted by the State, allows local jurisdictions to manage where different types of land uses and buildings are located in the city. It also allows the City to control the density of development and types, sizes, and setbacks of buildings.

Zoning controls are intended to:

    • Encourage the most appropriate use of land within Cody
    • Promote health, safety, and general welfare
    • Prevent overcrowding
    • Facilitate the provision of transportation, water, sewer, parks, other public systems
    • Preserve land values

Zoning Resources

Cody is divided into zoning districts, with land use controls customized to each. The zoning map assigns each property in the city to a zoning district. The zoning regulations for each zoning district are set forth in the Zoning Ordinance.

Other land use controls that may apply include the Subdivision Ordinance, Off-Street Parking Ordinance, and Sign Ordinance. These are the regulatory tools that the City of Cody uses to ensure development occurs in an organized manner, consistent with the direction outlined in the City’s Master Plan.