Public Art Committee



"Art makes life beautiful"—the Cody Public Art Committee's creed and vision for Cody.

Under the direction of the City of Cody, the Cody Public Art Committee was created to enrich the cultural and historical aesthetics of the community for both residents and the many visitors that travel to Cody.

Public art is no longer considered a frill or luxury, but rather an element that invigorates creativity, restores character, and stimulates economic growth for a community. Public art defines our society's diversity and is essential to enhancing the social fabric of Cody.

If you wish to donate to the Public Art Committee's cause, please visit the Xpress FormBuilder link.


Members and Terms

Members of the Public Arts Committee serve three-year terms.

Name Term Began Term Ends
Josh Allison April 2020 December 2022
Diane Ballard (Council Liaison) January 2019 December 2021
Nancy Brown January 2019 December 2021
Kristin Fong October 2020 December 2022
René Huge October 2020 December 2022
Shirley Lehman January 2019 December 2021
Karen McWhorter January 2019 December 2021
Angie Payne January 2019 December 2021
Steve Schrepferman January 2019 December 2021
Sue Gallagher January 2019 December 2021
Kathy Thompson January 2019 December 2021

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