The following helpful forms are available to assist with various law enforcement-related submissions and requests.

Anonymous Crime Tips Form

This form allows residents and visitors of Cody to submit anonymous crime tips to the Cody Police Department. Your contact information may be voluntarily included in this form, but is completely optional.

Citizen Nuisance Complaint Form

This form allow citizens to file a nuisance complaint. For inquiries about specific ordinances, please review the City’s Municipal Code.

Concealed Firearm Permit Application

This information includes the process for obtaining or renewing a Concealed Firearm Permit. Applications may be obtained online at and returned to the Park County Sheriff’s Office in Cody.

Deer Meat Request Form

This form allows residents to supply the Cody Police Department with the necessary contact information to be eligible to receive dear meat as a result of the Urban Deer Management Plan.

Emergency Business Contact Form

Please help us maintain up-to-date emergency and after-hours contact information for your business by completing this form. Information provided will be stored in a secure database and be used exclusively for internal law enforcement purposes in the event of an emergency.

Inoperable or Unlicensed Vehicle Complaint Form

(coming soon)

This form allows citizens to report inoperable or unlicensed vehicle complaints so that law enforcement officers may respond and resolve the issue.

Public Records Request Form

The City of Cody is required to make public records available in accordance with the Title 16 Wyoming State Statute Public Records Act (W.S. §16-4-201 through W.S. §16-4-205), which gives the public the right inspect and/or copy certain public records maintained by the City. The City of Cody will be responsive to public information requests, but will also honor and maintain the confidentiality of certain records, as required by law. 

Ride-Along Request Form

This form can be used to request a ride-along with a police officer in your neighborhood.

Vacation House Check Request Form

(coming soon)

As a service to the citizens of Cody, the Cody Police Department offer vacation house checks upon request. Officers will periodically check the exterior of your home while you are away. This service helps to deter potential burglars and provides for additional security while your house is unoccupied.