Mobile Data Terminals


The objective of this mobile data terminal (MDT) project will be to implement a sustainable solution that will allow Patrol Officers to effectively, securely, and remotely access the law enforcement records management system (RMS) data. Officers will utilize ruggedized in-car computing devices connected to encrypted wireless communication channels to access critical information while engaged in patrol activities within the field of operation.


American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) will be used for the purposes of this MDT system implementation project. The implementation timeline for this project is currently pending.


  1. Improve patrol efficiency. The use of MDT systems will allow Patrol Officers in the field of operation to quickly retrieve necessary information from the RMS regarding persons, property, incidents, and cases without the need to rely upon two-way radio communication with dispatch operators in certain situations. Additionally, officers will be able to draft and save RMS reports from within their patrol vehicles in the field without returning to the office, which will support accuracy of report documentation, as well as maximize time spent in the field for patrol activities and overall community policing visibility.

  2. Minimize dispatch radio communication. The remote accessibility and capabilities provided by MDT systems will decrease the number of calls and overall radio communication that Patrol Officers make to dispatch operators.

  3. Decrease vehicle transit. The use of MDT systems will decrease the number of times Patrol Officers return to the Law Enforcement Center, which will save time, slow vehicle depreciation, and reduce fuel costs.