The objective of the electronic citation (e-citation) project is to implement an mobile solution to allow officers to: create and issue citations to offenders; collect related offender data; and automatically transmit digital citation information to the municipal court system.


  1. Reduce citation errors. An e-citation system and process will minimize mistakes and produce greater reporting accuracy. Hand-written citations are subject to various forms of human error, including illegible hand writing, incomplete information, citation misplacement, and incorrect code references. E-citations prevent those mistakes through the use of neatly printed citations and electronically verified data.

  2. Increase Patrol Officers' efficiency. E-citations will reduce the amount of time necessary to produce and issue a citation, allowing more time to be spent on community patrol activities.

  3. Improve Patrol Officers' situational safety in the field. Officers can produce and issue citations more quickly with e-citations, reducing the amount of time spent on the side of the road and in areas of traffic safety concern.