Feb 16

City Technology Projects and Operations

Posted on February 16, 2024 at 8:15 AM by Scott Kitchen

Effective use of information and technology is vital to the City of Cody's operations and goals as a municipal government, and the Information Technology (IT) Department is dedicated to providing secure, reliable systems and services to the City’s staff in order to meet those technology needs. The IT Department is responsible for maintaining: data networks; computers and mobile devices; servers and databases; telephone systems; radio communications systems; video surveillance systems; web services and applications; and various other technology components.

The IT Department has coordinated and implemented a number of key technology projects in recent months for various City departments.

Mobile App – Now available on both Android and iOS devices, the official City of Cody mobile app provides convenient access to key resources on the City’s website, as well as push, SMS (text), and email notifications for City-related alerts and news. To download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, simply search for “City of Cody.” Make sure to opt in and adjust your user preferences in the app to receive on-to-go notifications about City happenings.

Mobile Data Terminals – Mobile data terminal (MDT) systems—in-car computing devices for in-the-field access and dispatch communication—were deployed for use in Cody Police Department patrol vehicles. These MDT systems allow officers to effectively, securely, and remotely access the law enforcement records management system (RMS) from within their vehicles while engaged in patrol activities in the field of operation. This new in-car technology component provides significant benefits to the Police Department’s patrol operations. 

    1. Improved patrol efficiency – The use of MDT systems allows patrol officers in the field of operation to quickly retrieve information from the RMS regarding persons, property, incidents, and cases without the need to rely solely upon two-way radio communications with dispatchers. Convenient access to an in-car computing device also supports accuracy of incident report documentation and maximizes time spent in the field for patrol activities.

    2. Decreased vehicle transit – The use of MDT systems has decreased the number of times that patrol officers return to the office, which saves times, slows vehicle depreciation, and reduces overall fuel costs.

Surveillance Camera Systems – Efforts are currently underway to replace indoor and outdoor surveillance camera systems at Cody City Hall and the Paul Stock Aquatic and Recreation Center. Along with improvements to video quality and data storage retention, these new cameras will provide a substantial increase in range of coverage at both locations. This project aims to support public safety efforts and instill a greater sense of security at these public facilities. The City anticipates completing the installation and implementation of these new surveillance camera systems soon.

Information Security Assessments – The IT Department established and maintains a partnership with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) local State of Wyoming office to bolster the City’s information security posture and planning. Security experts from CISA provided the City with an in-depth cybersecurity risk assessment, and the team continues to facilitate customized vulnerability reporting services for the City’s critical IT systems to ensure maximum service availability and data confidentiality. The City of Cody is excited to continue improving its cybersecurity framework and refining its internal information security policies through this ongoing relationship with CISA.

E-citations – Slated for the upcoming fiscal year 2024–2025, an electronic citation (e-citation) system will be implemented for the Cody Police Department. E-citations will serve as a mobile solution that allows officers to seamlessly issue citations to offenders, collect related offender data, and automatically transmit citation information to the municipal court system for processing.

The IT Department is committed to maintaining a robust information security postures, providing diligent technical support, and delivering cost-effective technology solutions so that the City of Cody remains poised to offer high-quality services to the community.

Jan 08

10 Things to Know About the Utility Billing Division

Posted on January 8, 2024 at 3:07 PM by Cindy Baker

  1. Billing Cycles – The City of Cody handles over 6,500 utility accounts monthly in four cycles based on town areas, with around 11,500 water and electric meters citywide.

  2. Services and Rates – The City of Cody provides electricity, treated water, raw water, wastewater (sewer), storm drainage, and sanitation, with rates set by City Ordinance. All rate changes must first pass three readings before the City Council. View current rates here.

  3. Billing Process – The City reads most water and electric meters monthly via radio, importing the collected data into its billing software. After employing a series of audit processes to ensure accuracy, the City issues monthly billing to users.

  4. Understanding Your Bill – After signing up for City utilities, customers will receive a monthly billing statement that details charges, meter readings, usage, and base fees, due 15 days after issuance. Learn more about reading your bill.

  5. Payment Options – The City of Cody offers a variety of convenient payment options. Customers can come into City Hall at 1338 Rumsey Avenue to pay in person, call our Administrative Services team at (307) 527-7511 (option 1) to make payments over the phone, or register for an Xpress Bill Pay account to pay their bill using an e-check or credit card online.

  6. Online Account Access – The City of Cody partners with Xpress Bill Pay to provide convenient online access to statements, secure payments, and paperless billing. Customers who move within city limits will receive a new utility account number when signing up for their new service address, which they must add to their existing Xpress Bill Pay registration to view and pay online. Register for an account.

  7. Service Requests – Customers can schedule certain services online, like large item pickups or tree and brush removals. (Residential customers are allowed one request per month.) Explore more online services on our website.

  8. Water Leaks – Customers who notice unusually high usage on their monthly bill or receive a notification from the City should check their property for running toilets, dripping faucets, broken pipes, or other sources of leaks. The City will gladly perform an additional meter read to verify whether a leak is resolved—just call (307) 527-7511 (option 1).

  9. Options for Assistance – The City of Cody's payment and disconnect policies aim to help our customers stay current on their monthly utility charges. However, we understand that customers sometimes have difficulty paying their monthly bills. If a customer needs help catching up, we encourage them to contact our Billing Division at (307) 527-7511 (option 1) as soon as possible to discuss their eligibility for a payment arrangement. (Customers are allowed one payment arrangement every 12 months.) We can also provide contact details for external utility assistance resources.

  10. Coming Soon – The City of Cody is constantly working to improve customer service and internal efficiency. We are upgrading our water meters to make them compatible with our standard meter reading software, which often requires accessing older water meters inside homes and businesses. If a customer's current water meter is more than ten years old, they can expect to receive a call, email, and/or text requesting to schedule an appointment.
Nov 07

Leadership and Governance in Cody, Wyoming

Posted on November 7, 2023 at 3:57 PM by Barry Cook

In the heart of Wyoming's scenic landscape, Cody thrives under a mayor-council system of governance, where the Mayor and City Council work diligently to maintain the Cody’s unique character and serve its residents. Cody’s Mayor, elected at-large for a four-year term, chairs City Council Meetings and serves as a voting tiebreaker, ensuring the smooth operation of City affairs. Beyond that, the Mayor takes on the role of community advocate, representing Cody's interests both locally and on broader scales while collaborating with the City Administrator to implement effective City policies.

The Cody City Council is comprised of six members, with two City Councilmembers representing each of the three wards. Councilmembers act as the direct link between the community and its City government. They bring the concerns and perspectives of their respective wards to the forefront and liaise with multiple community boards and committees to provide direct communication channels to City Council. Councilmembers also actively participate in meetings, contribute to specialized committees, and play an essential role in shaping meeting agendas to foster transparency and public engagement.

Cody's Mayor and City Council are entrusted with the necessary authority to effectively manage their designated duties, guided by the regulations outlined in Wyoming State Statute 15-1-103. These responsibilities include financial management and regulation of various facets of life, such as: public and business conduct oversight; direction of public amenities like parks and libraries; and coordination of essential services like fire departments and healthcare. They also manage water resources, exercise eminent domain, appoint officials, and enforce local ordinances.

The Mayor and City Council have the authority to propose and enact local laws and ordinances tailored to our community. However, these actions must remain aligned with Wyoming laws, as municipal governing bodies must operate within the framework of State Statues that cannot be overruled. For example—believe it or not—Wyoming has an old law prohibiting hats that obstruct others’ view in a theater. Even if residents adamantly wanted to sport their largest headwear at Big Horn Cinemas, City Council would not be able to override the State law to accommodate them. However, if Cody wanted to host a local event celebrating hats, the City Council could issue any necessary permits and declarations to do so. While a whimsical hypothetical, this example illustrates the division of powers that is designed to ensure uniformity and compliance with broader legal standards while allowing city councils to address the unique needs of their communities.

Cody's Mayor and City Council are dedicated to ensuring that Cody remains an exceptional place to live, work, and visit. All are welcome to attend or view Council Meetings held on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM, which are broadcasted live (closed captioning available) and archived for public access on the City of Cody website. Additionally, the City Council discusses pertinent issues in greater detail during work sessions held on alternating Tuesdays at 5:30 PM, which are also open to public attendance.